Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gznollo series 5 epsiode 1 - very funny.wmv

Up on youtube too! Keepin' em comin for ya - poifect!!

Gznollo Series 5 episode 1

New episode up for you to enjoy!

thanks to my friend john for that...he has quite a few episodes but its taking time to get them and edit them so i'll upload them when i can

first episode with fitch in it i think! very funny one

yeah yeah!

Gznollo Series 5 episode 1 by gznollo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gznollo pilot (rare!)

Got this up on youtube now as well so tell all your freinds!!
Yeah, yeah

Gznollo pilot! (Its here!!!!)

Cant believe it really but i have managed to get my hands on (yes) the GZNOLO PILOT! this is the first ever episode made and by some lucky chance some called jake donald (thank you!) had a copy from when it was replayed on air about 6 yrs ago.

he managed to to somehow put the  tape on the computer (??!) and now i can bring you the rarest of the raere....the first ever gznollo



Yeha yeah

Gznollo pilot (rare!) by gznollo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Sorry for not posting for a bit I know its been a while but therwe should be some more stuff up soon i promise :) :) :)

i should even have...........wait for it......the hardly ever heard before PILOT EPISODE

dont ask me how i got it but i did! if i get time tomorrow ill put this up along with some more art perhaps although this seems to have gone a bit dry since i satrted the site so SEND IN MORE PLEASE :)

gznollo over and out