Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gznollo series 5 epsiode 1 - very funny.wmv

Up on youtube too! Keepin' em comin for ya - poifect!!

Gznollo Series 5 episode 1

New episode up for you to enjoy!

thanks to my friend john for that...he has quite a few episodes but its taking time to get them and edit them so i'll upload them when i can

first episode with fitch in it i think! very funny one

yeah yeah!

Gznollo Series 5 episode 1 by gznollo

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gznollo pilot (rare!)

Got this up on youtube now as well so tell all your freinds!!
Yeah, yeah

Gznollo pilot! (Its here!!!!)

Cant believe it really but i have managed to get my hands on (yes) the GZNOLO PILOT! this is the first ever episode made and by some lucky chance some called jake donald (thank you!) had a copy from when it was replayed on air about 6 yrs ago.

he managed to to somehow put the  tape on the computer (??!) and now i can bring you the rarest of the raere....the first ever gznollo



Yeha yeah

Gznollo pilot (rare!) by gznollo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Sorry for not posting for a bit I know its been a while but therwe should be some more stuff up soon i promise :) :) :)

i should even have...........wait for it......the hardly ever heard before PILOT EPISODE

dont ask me how i got it but i did! if i get time tomorrow ill put this up along with some more art perhaps although this seems to have gone a bit dry since i satrted the site so SEND IN MORE PLEASE :)

gznollo over and out


Friday, 20 August 2010

First fan art!!

Hey guys!

Really exciting post today. someione has emailed me some of their pictuires of what gznollo and delghetti might look like.

thanks to mr davies for the two below! pretty good doncha reckon!

remember you can email me anything gznollo related to keep the stuff coming through


"i got hungry"
"if ya can't beat em shoot em"

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Gznollo episode 3 series 1 (good recording!)

First recording up on youtube now so you can alslo see it there! don't forget to tell your friends1!
yeah, yeah

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Exciting news

2 bits of news

I have found someone who may have access to many of the original episodes on tape or sometrhing and were going to try and get them onto the computer real soon!

also my friend is doing some drawings for thwe site AND he is tryin to work on some animation (!!!) for the episodes we have already

exciting stuff eh??
Yeah yeh

Gznollo series 1 episode 3

Hey guys!

just got the first epsiode not sure if it's a complete episode but i know its from the first series because of the intro

i'm pretty sure this is episode 3 altho ill put them all in order once i get more to upload!


Latest tracks by gznollo

Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgot to say...

If anyone has access to any of the old gznollo stuff then please send it to me at

pictures, recordings interviews, anything!!

i hope to make this site really big in the near future and im going to need some help so if you have any gznollo stuff let me know

also please feel free to send through your favouriute scenes or episodes and i will make a place where people can share their favourite bits!!!

Yeah, yeah...>!

Hi all!!

Wlecome to the gznollo fan site just for fans of our favourite detective GZNOLLO!!

This site has only just started so i havent got much up yet but i am going to try to upload some recordings of the early episodes and hopefully some interviews with the cast at some point too. They have digitalised and rereleased some of the original shows in really good condition but they are kind of hard to get hold of. I should (fingers xd) have some of those up real soon  though!

Keep checkin' for more stuff soon!

"Yeah, yeah..."